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Document Typology: Report
Methodology addressed by the publication:Parents pedagogy
Title of document: Social work with syndrome CAN children.
Name of author(s): Michaela Lipčáková
Name of publisher: Prešovská Univerzita
Language of the publication: Slovak
Language of the review: English
There is approximately 500-600 children with the CAN syndrome (Child Abused and Neglect Syndrome). The CAN sydrome is defined as „harming physical, mental and social condition and child development“ which happens as a consequence of parents‘ or other adult’s non random behaviour in a way which is considered unacceptable on social level. Social work represents an important part of work with the CAN syndrome children. These children are one of the aim groups. Social work tries to help them while cousing other science fields as a source. Social work belongs to the so called helping professions because it helps in a significant way to restore the original state. In the past it ways oriented more represively. However, nowadays the trend is to bring out prevention activities. Work methods, treatment and a strategy where and how to obtain financial support for work with these children
Reviewer's comments on the document:
The article is important for the project from the topic viewpoint. It analyses work methods, treatment and strategy how and where to obtain financial support for the work with the CAN syndrome children. At the same time it concerns all legislative options and changes in the field.
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