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Document Typology: Report
Methodology addressed by the publication:Parents pedagogy
Title of document: How to secure availability of social care for those who need it..
Name of author(s): O. Reptová
Name of publisher: Mesa 10 Centrum pre ekonomické a sociálne analýzy, 20. Február 2012
Language of the publication: Slovak
Language of the review: English
The contribution is about a key discussion about the system of financing of the Slovak social services in teh near future as well as theri perspectives for the future. Discussion of parliament members and specialists with various proposals for solving the issue showed a general agreement. The important questions were discussed from the perspective of incresing aount of elderly citizens who more and more will need the social services.Economics of social service show as greatest challenge the shortage of finance coverage for the social services. It is necessary to search new solutions and creativel grasp this emergin social phenomenon, so that the situation will not end with the shortage of social service for those in need of them. The system of providing social services is guaranteed by local and regional selfgovernement and these will have to search for multi resources for covering these services. If this condition is not solved well ahead, it could happen in the future that the problem will increase to such a degree that it will be impossible to find any solution. The key problem is the financing and system of multisresource financing of these services. Public service economy with higher demands on the providers will be a critical phenomena in the future of social services. It is important to create clear and solid rules for teh citizens, providers and garants that is for the local and regional governments.
Reviewer's comments on the document:
Report on discussion of experts- Discussion on system settings and financing of the social servsices in SR was held 20.2.2012 by the Slovak economic forum. Significant contribution to the system of financing of social services in Slovak Republiv from the viewpoint of new social Act.
The discussion is from the point of view of the project important and encompass mainly the transversal skills:
Being able to explain the concepts of Health and Illness in different cultures.
Being able to describe the history of both the social welfare and the health care system.
Being able to differentiate environmental context, the relational circumstances and the cultural and socioeconomic status.
Being able to define health needs of the population.
Being able to act in agreement with the laws, rules and regulations that affect the professional, criminal and civil responsibility which is applied to the role of the case manager.
Being able to apply the ethical and deontological aspects.
Being able to differentiate the land services and hospital services in the health care field, in the social and educational field.
Being able to acquire knowledge and skills of the relatives with relation to the ICF personal factors information: the patient's life story, aspect of life, relationships, habits, activity and participation in the normal life.
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