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Document Typology: Other
Methodology addressed by the publication:Parents pedagogy
Title of document: Long termm care for elderly people
Name of author(s): M.Mikolášik
Name of publisher: Presentation EP deputy, 9. September 2010, you tube
Language of the publication: Slovak
Language of the review: English
Short presentation of the member of the EU parliament on the needs of coordinated and systemic solution for long term care for elderly of Europe, that is more and more serious isssue.
Reviewer's comments on the document:
Very important presentation of Mr. M Mikulášik (Slovakia), member of EU parliament in Eu parliament about long term care for elderly of Europe as a specialist - physician. He spoke about the phenomenon of increasing age of European population where the elderly 60+ will be predominant population in 20 years. This phenomenon is connected with strong decrease of new born, what can call out significant problems to European countries, since the aging population will need more care and the care will be too expensive for the productive population to support this tremendous burden what can end in insufficient social and nursing care in Europen countries as well as deterioration of the social clima in these countries. He pointed out that it is necessary to solve the problem immediately and to think of solutions that need to be found out and decided right now, since in twenty years they will grow to such a degrre that there will not be possible to solve the situation. If today we know and can predicts the future, it would be a serious mistake to neglect the evolving prognosis. The coordinated effort on the European level will need to be executed to find the systemic solution for the situation.
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