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Document Typology: Book
Methodology addressed by the publication:Parents pedagogy
Title of document: Parents Pedagogy project, a resource for education and training.
Name of author(s): A.MOLETTO R.ZUCCHI (edited by)
Name of publisher: Elena Morea editore, Torino 2006, II ed.
Language of the publication: Italian
Language of the review: English
Parents Pedagogy was conceived to increase the value of parents’ educational action and promote the education programme with professionals. It was born as a project and then, after a ten-year application and the related tests, it became a Methodology with experimented tools that could apply to different contexts. The book represents the showcase of the initiative: it is a policy document with theoretical reflections and tools. The first part shows the scientific basis and parenthood setting within hope, trust, responsibility and identity’s pedagogy.
The message contained in the title “Imparare dai genitori” (learning from parents) with Augusta Moletto’s contribution, that sounded like a provocation at first, it is now acknowledged as the basis of the educational programme between family and professionals.
The stories, preceded by the “motivations” of the project, show four pathways of families with disabled children proposing their parenthood with more intensity as regard as others. What they have in common is parents engagement and empathy, besides the ability of leading their and others’ life through difficulties, by letting be guided by maternal and parental instinct made of a tight adhesion to reality that is functional to the setting-up of the life project.
The last part of the book gathers projects produced in different contexts, starting from the more general one, proposed as a pattern and developed from the School integration committee and AIPD of Pisa and Brindisi, to the project approved and funded by the European Community which is inserted in permanent education programme Socrates Gruntvig 2. Europe acknowledges the project and validates its structure, which lasts three years, and bind it to the spreads of the results.
The third project, carried out in 2003 by the Interinstitutional Working group of the Province and the Turin local education authority, is made of eleven meetings in the main towns of the Province, where parents are asked to tell educational pathways of their children within citizen assemblies. The results of meetings are then validated by a final Convention. The fourth, is carried out by the Integration Association of Villaverla (VI) with the advice and supervision of the School Integration Committee which is the review Handicap & Scuola (Handicap & School) publisher.
Reviewer's comments on the document:
The book seems important for its efficiency and simplicity. It is the second edition of one of the first texts showing the Methodology. Its streamlined structure makes it an easy and essential tool. The first part underlines the more significant message that permeates all the project: LEARNING FROM PARENTS, learning from them the story of their child, his/her habits and bias which have been formed within the family, starting from the positivity (and not from problems) which is a constructing pedagogical view that allows knowing and developing skills of the individual in difficulty through knowledge and skills of the family. In the book values in action enabled by the family in growing the child are settled. The Methodology Parents Pedagogy translated these skills in as much Pedagogies that can be learned by parents: pedagogy of Hope, Trust, Responsibility, Identity and Growth.

The core of the book, as for others publications of the Methodology, is composed of the stories showing educational pathways made by parents with disabled children.
There are four of these pathways, each one with its own peculiarity that allows professionals to possess parents’ educational skills. The first one “The possible project for Francesco” shows a life project made by parents which is often the opposite if compared to the mistrusting attitude of specialists. The story of Stefano, told by his mother, concerns a path made within hospital institutions in the research of a trusting attitude from specialists towards parents’ expectations in doing the educational programme. Then, the story of a father concerns the impact with the British school system where disabled children are not integrated within all schools and the comparison with a school system where inclusion is possible to everyone is not assured. In the story “A world of love” a mother introduces the pathway of acceptance of her daughter’s disability and growth. The narrative strong point consists in introducing values that a parent has to enable to show the society his/her child positivity and value in the world.

Where to find it: Elena Morea Edizioni, Via Brugnone 12, 10126 Torino. Tel. 011 6504187 011 6504187

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