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Document Typology: Book
Methodology addressed by the publication:Parents pedagogy
Title of document: Project: The education of parents: a resource for education and training
Name of author(s): Augusta Moletto e Riziero Zucchi
Name of publisher: Edizioni Morea, Torino 2001
Language of the publication: Italian
Language of the review: English
"Pedagogy of Parents', enhancement of skills and educational knowledge of the family, was born in Turin in response to activities that underline the leading role of citizens who try to be social workers, mental health in a dynamic of reciprocity, fueled by challenged of interpersonal relationships. Some principles derived from the practice of the Assemblies of People's Therapeutic Activities, born in Modena, conducted in Turin since 1978, when parents take an active part, speaking in public and giving witness to their educational paths.
The fecundity of the leading roles of parents as active citizens and knowledgeable of their first child, means that are used as trainers to "internal schools since 1995, the date on which formalized the principles and methodology Pedagogy of Parents.
This method is spreading nationally and internationally, helping to train professionals who deal with human relationships: teachers, educators, doctors, judges, social workers, etc..
Educational institutions, local health authorities, local authorities adopt the methodology for the Pedagogy of Parents' updating of their players and initiatives for social gathering.

Pedagogy of Parents emphasizes that:
the family is essential and irreplaceable component of education. Is often attributed to a weak and passive role in inducing the delegation to the so-called experts. The family has resources and expertise to be recognized by other educational agencies.
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