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Document Typology: Other
Methodology addressed by the publication:International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health
Name of author(s): Cichońska Dominika, Marczak Michał, Raczkiewicz Anna, Sierocka Aleksandra
Name of publisher: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Medycznego w Lublinie
Language of the publication: Polish
Language of the review: English
Medical certification is a very broad term and it includes health condition certification, ability to work, level of disability, on both patients’ and interested authorities’ request. The aim of this article is to use the framework of International classification of functioning, disability and health in medical certification of disability, taking osteoporosis as an example. This classification defines abilities of a human being, depending on their health condition, functioning of their body and ability to participate in social life. It helps to perceive a human being holistically, taking into account their problems to communicate with the environment, which plays a major part in certification. The adopted method is a questionnaire for a patient, developed according to EULAR ICF Core Sets Validation Study, distributed among 50 patients of Military Institute of Medicine in Warsaw.
On the basis of the research the authors of the article suggest using IFC platform for taxonomical needs of creating medical certification of disability, combining it with transformation to more spaces of possible formal therapies, medical interventions, preventive activities and population diagnoses. It allows, according to very confident authors’ hypotheses, for standardization and impartiality of certification in turning points for choosing procedures and medical therapies, and even making qualitative changes in the culture of health care system.
Reviewer's comments on the document:
The reviewed article is 22 pages long and quotes 6 bibliographical items. The authors analyze the problem of medical certification in Poland, with the focus on certification on work ability and level of disability. The work has a very high academic value because of using the questionnaire developed according to EULAR ICF Core Sets Validation Study and a numerous group of respondents. On the basis of the results obtained the authors conclude, that in Polish medical certification system there is a need of introducing ICF system, which will allow for systematization and standardization of the process of disability certification concerning disability level.
Where to find it: Zdrowie Publiczne 2009 119(1);7-13

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