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Document Typology: Other
Methodology addressed by the publication:Narrative medicine
Title of document: The Basics of psychology of communication between a doctor and a patient-Part I
Name of author(s): Izabela Barton Smoczyńska
Name of publisher: Medycyna Praktyczna
Language of the publication: Polish
Language of the review: English
Meeting people is very important part of our life. Every meeting creates memories, it can also change us. Do we realize that also we have the ability to change others? Are we aware that doctor can have significant influence on patient’s life (and vice versa), not only because of his skills but also because of the conversation with the patient? If a patient has negative emotions towards the doctor, he avoids meetings, eventually he does not cooperate with the doctor during the treatment and these are only two consequences of many others. On the other hand, the patient with positive emotions is eager to get involved in treatment, he cooperates and listens the recommendations, which is often the key to success.
Reviewer's comments on the document:
The reviewed article describes aspects of communications between a doctor and a patient. There are many factors responsible for good doctor-patient relationships. The author draws a conclusion based on analysed literature, that if the doctor can build the relationship based on trust, then he will have patient, who gets involved in treatment, cooperates and asks questions. The article contains the valuable table with suggestions of questions, including every stage of patient’s visit.
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MedycynaPraktyczna,Chirurgia, 2011/01

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