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Document Typology: Other
Methodology addressed by the publication:International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health
Title of document: ICF as the instrument of quantitative evaluation of judgment violation for the necessity of social security
Name of author(s): Anna Wilmowska-Pietruszyńska, Dionizy Bilski
Name of publisher: Orzecznictwo Lekarskie
Language of the publication: Polish
Language of the review: English
In the research there are presented general guidelines, aims, components and rules, which are the base of ICF- International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health, accepted and recommend by WHO General Assembly in 2001. There are also examples of exceptions in this classification, which aim to show the way of describing the results of quantitative evaluation of conditions, activities or behaviors with universal language of codes, while describing things related to health and disability. The classification was also considered to be used for medical jurisdiction of disability widely defined, including disability which causes incapability to work and earn money.
In the research there are mentioned advantages of using the ICF classification in Poland and also the need of making essential reforms in medical jurisdiction. These reforms determine the maximum benefits of the classification.
Reviewer's comments on the document:
The reviewed research discusses ICF system in details - its advantages and ways of implementation. The authors point out the spectrum of advantages connected with implementation of ICF including the unification of medical jurisdiction. There is a conclusion that in Poland we need modification and modernization of system of medical jurisdiction in Poland. The ICF is thought to be the solution for this problem. Implementation of International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health does not only have a positive influence on reform of medical jurisdiction in Poland, but also, in the long run, it has impact on such aspects as social welfare and national insurance.
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Orzecznictwo Lekarskie 2010, 7(1): 1-13

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