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Document Typology: Web Article
Methodology addressed by the publication:Narrative medicine
Title of document: What is your story? A couple of words about the narrative therapy.
Name of author(s): ---
Name of publisher: Selfpublishing
Language of the publication: Polish
Language of the review: English
The article is an introduction to the subject of narrative therapy. It briefly describes the history of narrative therapy and presents the actual situation. It explains also the basic concepts related to this field and defines main guidelines used in this kind of therapy. In narrative therapy the problem is treated as something which is outside the person who has it. The practitioners and theorists of narrative therapy put the emphasis on the independence, self-sufficiency, individualism and value of personal achievements. Narrative attitude to the therapy means discovering the stories about people’s lives, defining the meanings, influences and cultural and social context. Besides, very important is also development of feeling of authorship, competences and emphasizing the resources and competences of patients.

Reviewer's comments on the document:
The reviewed document is a part of Internet diary (a blog). The writer works as a psychologist in mental hospital and runs private clinic. The article is an introduction to narrative therapy and an attempt to present its guidelines to the reader. It is valuable source of information presented from the point of view of a person, who uses this kind of therapy every day and could serve as an encouragement for going deeply into this subject.

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