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Document Typology: Newspaper / Magazine article
Methodology addressed by the publication:Narrative medicine
Title of document: Patient’s emotions - positive or negative?
Name of author(s): Mariusz Oboda
Name of publisher: Dwumiesięcznik Stomatologa Praktyka Polish&English Journal for Dentists
Language of the publication: Polish
Language of the review: English
Emotions cause excitation, specific energy, which eventually leads to the situation that we aim to do something or to avoid something. If a particular thing, or a person will not cause any emotions, the patient will not take any action. Every doctor must deal with the patients’ emotions. The article considers different kinds of attitudes – to level or to stimulate the emotions. And it tries to reach a compromise between these attitudes. There is proposed an intuitive model of behavior and implications which could appear after using it.
Reviewer's comments on the document:
The reviewed document describes dealing with patients’ emotions by a doctor, mainly after giving the diagnosis. In the clear way there are presented possible patterns of behavior and suggested ways of how to react. The article shows the connections among transmission, individual understanding and emotions and causing a motivation to take action.
Where to find it:

e-Dentico nr 4 (32) / 2011

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