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Patients and relatives

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Patients and Relatives involved

Name of the patient : Aldona Bukantiene

Description of the disease or disability : Multiple sclerosis

Onset of the disease : 01/02/2012

Age: 58

Name of the relative : Pranas Bukantas

Description of eventual training courses attended on home care assistance: People with chronic debilitating illnesses for example multiple sclerosis need continuity of care to prolong their lives and reduce their suffering; The main aim of providing care to people with chronic and terminal illnesses is to prolong their life and make it bearable. This cannot happen unless there is positive living and decisions are made on the basis of informed choice. Counselling and psycho-spiritual care reduces stress and anxiety for both the patients and their families. It also helps individuals to make informed decisions for the future, make behavioural changes, make risk reduction plans and involve sexual partner(s) in such decisions.

Years of assistance to the patient: 5

Gender: Female

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