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Patients and relatives

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Patients and Relatives involved

Name of the patient : Alicja

Description of the disease or disability : Podopieczna po złamaniu kości udowej lewej oraz stawu skokowego, znaiedbana, wyniszczona; nikotynizm oraz naduzywanie alkoholu. Miała trudne warunki bytowe, nie radziła sobie w życiu codziennym. / Patient after fracture of the hip, unkempt, addicted to alcohol and nicotine. She had very difficult personal situation.

Onset of the disease : 2007

Age: 54

Name of the relative : Anna

Description of eventual training courses attended on home care assistance: Kilkudziesięcioletnia praca w CRO z osobami starszymi, szkolenie w opiece nad ludźmi z demencją strczą i uzależnieniami. Many years of working with elderly people; trainings for health carers of people with addictions and with elderly dementia.

Years of assistance to the patient: 4

Gender: Female

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