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Associated Partners

Associated Partners

ASLTO4 Piedmont

Type of institution: Public
City: Settimo Torinese (Torino)
address: Via Leinì 70
Country: Italy
Name of contact person: Carla Bena
Email of contact person:
Description of the organization:

ALTO4 is a Hospital and healthcare local district. Since 1st of January 200, a partnership with the former ASL6 of Ciriè, the ASL9 of Ivrea, and a new Local Healthcare System (TO4) has been established, according to decree law n. 83 of 17th December 2007 issued by the President of the Regional Committee. ASLTO4 pursues healthcare objectives through interventions related to taking precautions in diagnostic, therapeutic or rehabilitative care. The objectives of the organisation are: attention to the citizen (in particular elerly people, the terminally ill patient, patients with multiple pathologies, disabled people); quality of service through quality performance, efficacy, appropriateness; concern for patient comfort and greet the public; efficiency of clinical care and pertinent data; security and risk management; therapeutic continuity. Home care is delivered by trained health workers in treatment and care. Their aim is to provide care and support for people who are not self-sufficient and live in a fragile condition. To achieve these goals the following objectives will be pursued: - home care provision

- continuity of care after discharge of patient

- family support

- rehabilitation of the residual capacity and relationship

- improvement in quality of life for people nearing the last stage

Over the last few years home care service has been participating to the Network HPHÂ (Health Promoting Hospital), in the World Health Organization (WHO) (Continuity Hospital-Territory and Hospital without pain).


ASLTO4 Home Care Service for the District of Settimo Torinese will participate in the definition and implementation of the Project Dissemination Plan and will take part in the Validation of Heppy solutions.

Associated Partners