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Associated Partners

Associated Partners

S.A.A.P.A. s.p.a.

Type of institution: Private
Country: Italy
Name of contact person: Teresa Bassani
Email of contact person:
Description of the organization:

SAAPA’s share capital is owned by ASLTO4 (34%), ASLTO2 (18%), City of Settimo (31,5%) and Social Cooperative PG Frassati scs onlus (16.5%). SAAPA is authorized by Piedmont Region and is a model to refer to for experimental management with public and private partnership. It takes care of the management of the civic hospital “Città di Settimo” in order to provide territorial and post acute activities and to satisfy the needs of the population of the areas ASLTO2 and ASLTO4. It also offers the possibility to bring outpatient and distrectual activities to “Città di Settimo” hospital. At the moment in the Civic Hospital “Città di Settimo” there are 211 beds, 80 of these are of protected dehospitalization, 71 long-term care and 60 are of Rehabilitation and Re-education Functioning.


The role this organisation expects to play in the project includes:

- Exchange of experience and expertise during and after the project
- Participation in the Dissemination of the project information
- Promotion of the information about the project to our network of contacts • Contribution to exploitation and sustainability of the project results
- Contribution to the maintenance of the project results in the future

Associated Partners