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Associated Partners

Associated Partners


Type of institution: Private
City: Turin
address: Via San Marino 133/C C/O Brescia
Country: Italy
Web Site:
Name of contact person: Valerio Brescia
Email of contact person:
Description of the organization:

OISI - Organizzazione Italiana Sviluppo Innovativo (Italian Organisation for Inovative Development) takes care of:

  • Spreading the adoption of European and International guidelines, with particular attention to the health sector;
  •  Spread the culture and the adoption of European Standards;
  • Fostering a culture of continuous training and retrining;
  • Spreading management culture through theoretical and pratical models of intervention and organization and reorganization of system;
  • Spread the culture of first aid and home care;
  • Fostering a culture of prevention and protection in the workplace;
  • Assistance and increase though direct activation of activities in support of policies social;
  • Assistance and increase though direct activation of activities in support of equal opportunities;
  • Assistance and increase though direct activation of activities to support integration and social inclusion;
  •  Implementation and development of health;
  • Coordinate and organize working groups and technical committees and multidisciplinary professional research, comparison, development and consultation;
  • Act as meeting place and aggregation in the name of cultural interests fulfilling the social function of maturity and human and civil growth through the ideal of continuous development and growth of social networks.

The association promotes the project and the project phases. It publishes the final results and increases the dissemination of the project through the available channels, to the members and the citizens.

Associated Partners