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Associated Partners

Associated Partners


Type of institution: Private
City: Riga
address: Parka iela 2-B,Alojas novads,LV-4064,
Country: Latvia
Name of contact person: Laila Balga
Email of contact person:
Description of the organization:

SMA (Association of Women's Microenterprises) was founded on April 14, 2010 in Rīga, Latvia. On July 15 2011 SMA gathered 34 microenterprises, non-governmental organizations and self-employed persons, who are running economic activities in the regions of Latvia. In 2010 and 2011 SMA promoted participation of member organizations in projects that increase skills of employees. SMA is partner, along with Swiss, Norwegian, Lithuanian and 18 other Latvian non-governmental organizations and municipalities, in the project “Senior’s walk”, promoted by Society Integration Foundation. It is partner, along with Lithuanians and Norwegians organisations, in the project “Factor of women and men partnership factor in educational systems”, promoted by NORDPLUS and financed by International education agency in Denmark/SAED.


The Association of Women’s microenterprises understood the concept of peer education and how it can be applied to social care and to work with disadvantaged groups. SMA was invited by LMSU to join the Heppy Project, so that both partners could present their works and teach each other. Besides hand works the two organizations are exchanging new information regarding projects or activities which can be interesting for all members. As regards to the Heppy project, SMA partners actively participated in the adaptation and translation into Latvian language of the Heppy brochure.

Associated Partners