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Associated Partners

Associated Partners


Type of institution: Private
City: Vilnius
address: Lukiškių g. 5-228 LT-01108
Country: Lithuania
Name of contact person: Jurga MIseviciene
Email of contact person:
Description of the organization:

Inkocentras is an association which aims at raising awareness about incontinence prevention training, in order to effectively help patients to choose the right prevention means.


Inkocentras freely advises people who facing urinary incontinence issues, both those who take care of a patient or those suffering from this disorder in first person. Inkocentras cooperates with Lithuanian Multiple Sclerosis Union, providing training seminars in order to teach how to use special toilets or to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, the importance of a correct diet, how to keep a blog and so on, all of which are important things to know when suffering from this disorder.
Inkocentras share its experience in carrying out projects, especially innovative themes, with other organisations who works in the health sector. LMSU and Inkocentras collaborate during teaching and training activities addressed to health carers.

Associated Partners