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Associated Partners

Associated Partners

IPASVI Collegio Provinciale di Torino

Type of institution:
City: Turin
address: Via Stellone 5
Country: Italy
Name of contact person: Barbara Chiapusso
Email of contact person:
Description of the organization:
IPASVI is a public entity with no economic purpose, established in 1954 by an Act of the Italian
Government. IPASVI represents nurses at national level; it defends the interests of its members and of citizens that take advantage of nurses’ professional skills. IPASVI is represented on the territory by local branches.
The expected contribution of the participation of IPASVI Torino to the project is of great
importance, because it represents more than 14000 nurses working in hospitals, health services and home care in the province of Turin. Objectives of dissemination are obviously related to the fact that the information about HEPPY Project will be disseminated to all the nurses of the Piedmont region through the website and the newsletter of IPASVI; consequently, it is expected that a large number of nurses participates to the workshops provided by the project and that the acquired tools will be used in the daily practices.

Associated Partners