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Associated Partners

Associated Partners


Type of institution:
City: Turin
address: Via Cellini 14
Country: Italy
Name of contact person: Maurizio Lorenzatto
Email of contact person:
Description of the organization:
S.F.E.P. is the training agency of the City of Turin - Social Services Directorate, active since 1968 with the following aims: to plan and to manage the basic activities of training and retraining for health and social care professions and for the community education not included in Universities' training courses; to plan and to manage the activities of upgrade, of lifelong education and of research for health and social care professions in the public sector, to turn on research paths on the processes of change related to the areas of its competence and to promote synergies with other public institutions and with voluntary associations.
The expected contribution of the SFEP's participation to the project is very relevant, because SFEP represents the greatest public administration in Piedmont. The objectives of the dissemination are obviously related to the fact that the information about the HEPPY Project will be disseminated through its website to all the people, belonging to the above mentioned categories, interested in the activity of SFEP; regarding the developments of HEPPY in relationship with SFEP, the expectation is to incorporate in its activities some elements (such as contents and methodologies) that characterize the educational structure built in the HEPPY Project.

Associated Partners