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Associated Partners

Associated Partners


Type of institution:
City: Bratislava
address: Kapitulská 18, 814 15
Country: Slovakia
Name of contact person: Štefan Sečka
Email of contact person:
Description of the organization:
Charita is a non-profit NGO. It provides charitable, social, healthcare and educational services to people in need, without regard to their race, nationality, religion or political orientation. Although we know it is not possible to completely eliminate poverty in Slovakia and around the world, we still aim to fight against it to the greatest extent possible. The vision of Charita is to decrease the number of people in Slovakia and abroad who find themselves in any kind of need, be it material, social or both. We try to realize our vision through educating and informing the public, so that they do not exclude people in need, through influencing lawmakers and through cooperating with foreign charities so that our work will be as effective
as possible.
Charita’s staff is involved in the project activities (on-line training and collection of experiences) and will continue contributing to the dissemination of its results.

Associated Partners