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Language: English
Country: Italy
Typology: health care professionals
Perhaps, some operators sometimes do not "feel like caring for people", because, by now, they live the reality of their work in a mechanical way. The patients they talk with perceive their attitude of closure and unavailability towards them. Instead, they clearly perceive when they are face to face with an operator willing to listen, at times for the umpteenth time, to the same old story… they can, sometimes, talk about their anxieties, fears, ask questions that they have not been able to explicitly ask until now. The one who has been there to listen to you can feel he is lucky, for the possibility that he has offered to that patient. He may ask himself why he was "chosen" and, finally, sometimes he can not even put up with what that patient is telling him. Physical care always takes precedence over the care of the spirit (at least as regards professionals), but I believe that, perhaps, in order to say he feels he is cared for, a sick person needs someone who will take care of his soul as well. It is important that the listener does listen in an empathic way, with no hurry, giving all the attention the patient deserves in that moment.

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