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Petals of life

Language: English
Country: Italy
Typology: health care professionals
It was early in the morning. I went to the surgery alone, in silence and in a hurry, I switched on the light in the room for the preparation of chemotherapeutic agents. I saw a request (the usual one of all Tuesdays) for the preparation of a drip with chemotherapeutic agents for Andrea, of eight years old. I do not know who he is, I have never seen him, I can only imagine the pain, expectations, anxieties experienced by him and his mother. These expectations, hanging by a thread, also pass through the drug that I had already inserted into the bottle and put in the briefcase for transport. The postman arrived to withdraw the briefcase, but it seemed to me it was not enough. I took the pen and drew colourful flowers, with a sun on a lawn with… Andrea. After some time, the telephone rang. It is the nurse at the paediatrics department: she told me a message coming from Andrea. He said that he wanted to thank the nurse who had prepared his drip. The flowers I had drawn, I was told after a year, were one of the elements that favoured his recovery. Andrea now can draw his flowers on paper and I… have disappeared.

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