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Language: English
Country: Italy
Typology: health care professionals
I am at home, at last, after being discharged from hospital, I do not feel better, I am at home to relax a bit, as the doctor told me while writing the letter of my discharge. His eyes were concentrated on the papers, while he was signing. Now, my family doctor and the nurse of the ASL (Local Health Authority) have come here, they are reading and writing health records concerning me. The nurse prepares a drip I must be on, because I always have nausea and I can drink little or nothing. After a series of technical procedures, he comes close to me, with the necessary things for the therapy. These are the same things that used to happen in hospital. The background is the only thing that changes for me; I hope he will sit down a moment near me on the couch and stop doing what he is doing, look at me and stay here to listen to me, if I want to talk. This way, I will feel as if I am really cared for.

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