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The importance of listening

Language: English
Country: Italy
Typology: health care professionals
I have followed a psychological path for personal reasons and this experience has made me understand how important it is to listen to the tale of a person who is experiencing a problem, a disease, a period of loss. I realized that someone was taking care of me and I have learned even more to listen, I have understood the importance it can have for a person the fact of telling, telling about himself, or, simply, being listened to. When a relative of a patient comes to me, for working reasons, to withdraw an assistive device or a bundle of incontinence pads and, looking at me, he starts to tell me about his experience or the problems he has to face at home with a sick person in the family, I listen to him and I notice he is happy to tell me, even though his problems do not disappear. Then, he thanks me, he even hugs me or shakes my hand, as a sign of gratitude.

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