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The positive change

Language: English
Country: Italy
Typology: health care professionals
It is there where I felt they were helping me… where I have lived the experience of care… these words remind me of the past, of some years ago, when I had cancer, and I experienced the fears and hopes that you live during those moments of life, moments in which you put all your hopes in the doctors and nurses who care for you, more than in the drugs they give you, because it is their eyes, their words, their smiles, their patience, that reassure you of the effectiveness of this or that drug. Their stories about daily life allow you to live outside that isolation room, they are moved in front of the photograph of your daughter and tell you about "their children" and are interested in your job and in the book you are reading… in a sentence, they help you feel alive and foster hope. It is thanks to this experience that I have chosen to train as a health care professional, that gives me great satisfactions and the will to continue, even if this job is considered more humble than that I used to do before.

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