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Language: English
Country: Italy
Typology: health care professionals
A severely disabled boy of eighteen years old. He does not have any movement or communication capacity. He was admitted to the surgical ward because of an acute disease with the possibility of undergoing surgery. The boy was constantly followed by his parents, certainly more by his mother who used to spend with him nearly twenty-four hours a day. The family consisted of two other younger children who seemed to accept quietly the situation, despite the great difficulties in taking care of their brother. I already had some experience with disability since I had worked at a day care centre for several years, and I found it really different to take care of the patient from another point of view, that of health care, which is more complicated because we are sufficiently prepared from the social point of view, we have time only to deal with the acute illness, or perhaps because we have not yet got the perspective that we can do more and better. His mother, who cared for her boy twenty-four hours a day, helped us a lot because she knew him well and understood when he was not at ease or ill. But we, as health care professionals, are not prepared to welcome these people: she always slept on a deckchair, ate sandwiches not to leave her child alone, while we focused only on his acute illness. Maybe this approach is a bit too limited.

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