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Words words

Language: English
Country: Italy
Typology: health care professionals
The great quantity of words produced by my role as "the person who takes care" comes to my mind and, in retrospect, I try to classify and list them: those that are useful, those that are useless, those that are required, those that are mandatory. The memory of words and speeches with the aim of treatment that did not succeed in their goal, the frustration of words said at the wrong time, but also the satisfaction and, why not, the joy of things that were said at the right time, in an effective way… useful words. And, then, there are the words said by the patients, whose voice, often, continues to ring out in my mind, after years. I recall faces, situations, stories, tragedies… words that, unexpectedly, introduced me in another life and from which I could no longer get out, the memory of a sentence, of a word, and again I am there with them…

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