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You and I

Language: English
Country: Italy
Typology: health care professionals
We are all patients. We are all operators. In the same instant… This value coexists deep inside us; in certain moments I take care of you, in others you take care of me. I want to have confidence, to believe that this suffering has a meaning. I know that this is so. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes (often…) I do not understand its meaning, but… I do not give in. When you rely on me and open the book of your life to me, I feel a great deal of responsibility. I am afraid of making a mistake, of not being up to it. I try not to pay attention to the instinctual reaction that your story evokes in me, especially… if I do not like it! You have not chosen me, you "had to” trust me. Before sharing my problems or my suffering, I carefully examine the possibilities I have and then I choose. I do not like to speak about me, but your hands that do not judge me, but welcome me, calm down the tumult of emotions inside me. Yes, I will let myself be guided by you, I feel that together we “can do it". This strong experience gives me the possibility not to isolate myself, not to put the blame on bad luck, to become more aware and… to believe in it!

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