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You never are accustomed to it

Language: English
Country: Italy
Typology: health care professionals
It is not uncommon for me to tell people about the job I do and, when I tell them about some experiences I happen to have, they answer me: “But how do you manage to do it? Of course, you are accustomed to it.”. It is not like that though. For example, I still remember an experience that impressed me so much that still today, when I speak about it, tears come to my eyes. I remember a young woman with a very advanced breast tumor, who came to undergo a visit. When the patient came into the room, a few minutes later doctors sent for me so that I could help them make the dressing. When I got in, the patient was lying on the bed, almost naked. The scene that was in front of me was devastating: the girl did not have a flap of skin that was intact, she was completely covered with pus and sent a terrible smell. She was completely covered with sores. Her eyes transmitted so deep a suffering that still today I can not forget it. When I went out of the room, I began to cry. After a few month, that girl died. How can you say you are accustomed to it? Only those who do not have a heart…

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