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Children are treasures

Language: English
Country: Italy
Typology: patients and relatives
I am a member of a group of volunteers in my children's school, (Roberta, twelve, and Marco, nine). I work together with the teachers inside the weaving laboratory and one day I met Ms. Moletto who told me about the Board for school integration; I was curious and decided to go to a refresher course organised by our city, Turin. Then, instead of listening, I started to tell the story of my daughter. It was a very strong experience. I had thought that to tell my daughter’s story would have been painful for those who were listening, maybe because nobody likes sad stories. But I felt full of energy because I was not only telling my inner feelings without tears, but somebody seemed interested in what I was saying. Nobody talked during my story and, at the end, some of them went even closer to me to ask information. I felt important, I hoped in that very moment that what I have looked for a long time was suddenly in front of me: if you interest people in your problems, they understand, sooner or later, especially the school staff. After that occasion, I have continued to take part in these meetings and every time I become more conscious, I feel closer to my daughter and I appreciate her more. We have been working a lot with teachers, parents, students. Personally, I enjoy meeting pupils in their classrooms. Children are like treasures in our life because what is inside their mind is unbelievable. Have you ever thought to have a meeting about handicap in a nursery school? Well, we did it. Children took off they shoes and socks and painted with their feet like a child without arms. We trained children and they trained teachers, and I hope this can avoid prejudices in the future.

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