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Filippo’s story

Language: English
Country: Italy
Typology: patients and relatives
He was born in Turin on February 28, 1987, he was beautiful and healthy, apparently. His birth brought great joy. He has a sister of six years old. He is a very sweet child with large dark eyes. He is a lively and very attentive child. When we discovered he was ill, he was four and a half years old and, in addition to his sister, he has a brother three years younger than him. Since he was a baby, Roberto has taken care of his brother and loves him in an unlimited way. In any case, Filippo is shy, he guesses he has problems of balance, we rarely find him in the midst of other children running and jumping. He keeps aside even in the lounge of the nursery school. It is difficult for him to go up the stairs but he tries hard: little by little, he goes up the staircase leading to the courtyard where his other two brothers already play. Being an acute observer, he likes being always in order (the shirt outside the trousers must be put in again). His way of walking is very precarious, he swings pushing his chest forward to keep in balance but he does not give in. He often falls down but he does not lose heart, he is a warrior, even if it hurts, he does not complain about it too much. When he breaks his left homer, only the radiologist realizes it; a few years after, he breaks the second distal of his femur and I notice it after the leg has swollen. He is a very affectionate child but only with his dear ones, the rest of the world does not interest him very much. Many people think he cannot speak, that is not the case. He expresses himself very well but with a few people, while growing up he proves to be intelligent and clever. They say that growing up you become wiser, he is already wise now that he is still very young (twenty-two years old). For me he is the greatest gift I could have had in my life. Thanks to my children, I have learned to fight even more, my strength comes from them. This son who has great problems is the one who gives me the strongest impulse. He does not allow me to give in, never. Even during the deep crises that sometimes I have, he gives me the strength to fight. I grew up in a Christian family and I have passed these values on to my children. This son recognizes the values of faith. He cannot go out due to problems of posture, but he attends mass on television. When our television broke down, through the computer he managed to attend mass in spite of the awkward position. This is Filippo: we have learned to live our life almost laughing, in grotesque situations we stop to think, we ironically comment on other people’s ignorance and rudeness. We have met incompetent and rude people but, thank heaven, we have found competent and educated people as well, doctors able to smile at us and talk to us as human beings instead of numbers. I will mention just a few: first, Ms. X, but also all the home care staff, our family doctor, Mr. Y, the internist Dr. Z, but also many members of the staff of the pneumology department at the Regina Margherita, where we are assisted and where our child is submitted to regular checks. There are many others. These people give us importance and they are very important for us in a world full of haste and superficiality. Dealing with diseases is difficult but, if beside us there are people who give us attention and try to help us, in their own way, we are more serene and we do not feel alone. A doctor treating Filippo as if he were his own child triggers a process of sympathy.

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