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The wounds of the past

Language: English
Country: Italy
Typology: health care professionals
Narrative medicine for me is interesting in that it brings medicine closer to psychology and psychotherapy. It allows for an integration that I believe to be essential. In my everyday work (I’m a psychotherapist) the narrative description patients make of their experiences plays an essential role. It helps me understand them and support their personal development. For example, last week one of my patients was talking about his childhood and all of a sudden remembered how at the age of 9 he had cut himself in order to force himself to study! He was so full of guilt that the only way to fell it less was causing himself an acute physical pain. His narration put me in touch with the deep pain of that child, the extreme guilt he felt for not having completed his homework. Until then I had no idea that he’d hurt himself in this way and that the adult facing me needed to contact the little boy inside, feel his pain and forgive him. The wounds of the past remain inside us if we don’t voice them and let them go. Last week’s narration opened up a whole new scenario and was the beginning of a fundamental healing process.

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