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The deep roots of my alcohol-dependence

Language: English
Country: Italy
Typology: patients and relatives
Narration of Gianni: “When I was 9, while travelling in the car with my father, we had an accident. My father died on the spot, I remained in a coma for several days. My mother had already several serious bereavements (a father who committed suicide and a brother to whom she was very close to died young due to illness) and, when was a widow (at age 36), had a psychological breakdown and began to abuse alcohol cyclically (especially on the occasion of the anniversaries of the death of his loved ones). My mother was very emotionally attached to me, more than my sister, perhaps because I replaced the male figures that she had lost. I started drinking at the age of about 20 years: I was beginning to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and (following the example given to me by my mother) I started to use alcohol as a medicine to calm me and force me. Until a short time ago, when my mother saw me down in the dumps, to cheer me up offering me the brandy, even in the early morning. She did not want me to get married. The day of my wedding was so angry that she would not attend the ceremony. She entered the competition with my wife and when, just married, I visited, offered me always to drink wine and brandy, to keep me tied to her, thus feeding my addiction to alcohol… I could not say no, because I was afraid of offending…”. This narration highlights very well the historical roots of alcoholism and relationship of the patient.

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