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My choice-my career steps

Jonas Milius
Language: English
Country: Lithuania
Typology: health care professionals
I have progressed very quickly to where I am. From my initial post as a social worker in a mental health team, I became a senior practitioner after just over a year. This was related to the amount of experience I had gained previously. After another couple of years, I am now a team manager in mental health. I am an approved social worker and have been accredited with full post-qualifying status, which shows that I have a breadth of experience across social care. I see myself within my current post for a while. There is a large process of change management ahead in the integration of the healthcare trust and social services, which is all part of the government’s agenda for multifunctional services. The challenge lies in trying to maintain standards and hitting the mark in providing a quality service. I am still a practising social worker even though I am a manager. The higher up you go the more distanced you become from the service users but I’d like to keep that contact for as long as I can. I am an associate lecturer (AL) for the social work qualification and would like to have more responsibility as an area leader. I enjoy lecturing and the time I spend with the students. The studios keeps me up to date with current developments. My practice and teaching complement each other really well; I am able to provide examples from my experiences as a practitioner when telling students about a theory or ideology, and knowing what planned or current developments are happening from perhaps a legal aspect or new research help to inform the work that I do in the field. I would like do more with the Qualification C and become a team leader where I would look after a group of S.C. I am also involved to a small extent in independent work, providing reports and assessments for tribunals, which again is informed by my other experiences. I only have limited time for this. I don’t have specific future plans but I am still firmly committed to practice and have a lot to do in my current job, raising standards and developing my team. I would love to do some research although there are financial considerations to take into account there.

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