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My best friend-my dog Uko

Language: English
Country: Lithuania
Typology: patients and relatives
Laima gets out of bed and finds she is having difficulty walking today. She calls her dog Uko, a golden retriever, who “braces”” Laima while she gets up, walks next to her, and assists her in and out of the shower. He brings her shoes as she dresses. When they leave the apartment, Uko walks next to her as she drives her motorized wheelchair. If Laima drops the phone, a pen, or something else, Uko picks it up. She have MS and wonderful service dogs. Service animal come in many shapes, sizes, and species and perform tasks including but not limited to, retrieval, support, guiding, alerting to sounds, opening and closing doors, and responding to changes in the physiological, mental, or emotional state of their human partners. Dogs have a special relationship with people and are, perhaps, the best-known service animal. Guide dogs for the visually impaired have long been accepted by the general public. Other types of assistance dogs, if less familiar, are equally helpful. Typically, MS makes some daily activities more challenging, but it frequently takes people who have MS some time to decide that they need any kind of help at all. The decision to acquire a service dog takes period of adjustment ,even if the person knows the potential value of an animal’s help. Laima told that Uko is in good health and condition. He is a large dog and assist with her balance. Uko was trained at non-profit organization (save animal’s honor) so Laima did not pay for the training. She is so happy, she has the best friend in the world and never be betrayed

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