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My job is field of growing

Language: English
Country: Lithuania
Typology: health care professionals
Being a part of health care management means that I am going to communicate with other people, creating budgets, promoting others, and overseeing the financing of supplies and other items that will be needed to run hospitals, clinics, nursing care facilities, rehabilitation centers, and counseling centers. This field requires have a knowledge of the medical field and also business management skills. A degree in health care management which I got few years ago is about how to analyze financial data, create proposals, business plans, and how to make improvements in the financial outlook of an organization. While I began my career in the health care field, I will return to school to learn more about the business side of the health care industry. There are many health areas within I am managing. First of all I started from the finance department in the Ministry of health affairs and my duties were connected with, marketing departments, public relations, health care policy departments, and accounting departments what it takes to run a hospital or clinic. Most hospitals or clinics do not receive government funding during the year, and if they do, it must be used wisely. Knowing the best places to spend money and place to cut spending are important decisions that management I must make very responsible.. The cost of equipment in hospitals is expensive, so many times repairing existing equipment is the answer. The health care management field is growing as more hospitals and other health care centers open up.Now I am working in the LMSU and managing all MS centers in Lithuania.Management positions require that people have the skills needed to make educated decisions about what should be done on a daily basis. My job is to communicate with other departments, administrators, and employees before making decisions to be sure that they have all the information needed to make the right decisions. While not all decisions will be easily made, it is up to management to what is best for the survival of the hospital or clinic so that it will be able to help new patients.

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