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My life get a new colour

Language: English
Country: Lithuania
Typology: patients and relatives
I am a 58 female that was employed as a patient with AIDS that left me disabled. I now have a rapid relapsing down with other medical issues that prevent me from working. I am now on disability. My husband walked out on me and within a month after, he served me with divorce papers. I am on a limited income and could not afford an attorney. I eventually took my husband to court for spousal support representing myself and now he is ordered to pay me very small surviving per month. I have 2 issues. I am now getting evicted from our apartment because my rent was more than what I was getting in disability. I have nowhere to go so I am packing my belongings to put in storage. My lease was up so I was forced to rent month to month and because of this, the rent increased again. When my husband left, we spoke afterwards and he assured me he would help me for a couple months with my rent which of course I never received a penny. I now have to go back to court because he is fighting spousal support. He tried to offer me a lump sum of money and in turn I would sign a paper he drew up that he would no longer owe me anything. I was tempted because of the situation I am in but something told me not to accept his offer. In the meantime, because my husband is fighting spousal support, I will have to submit another financial offer. Since I can no longer pay rent, I was afraid the court will lower his payments to me. I was trying to find an apartment, low income housing, even an efficiency but in the meantime I need the money he gives me to eventually pay to survive on. I was not sure what to do now. I have never been in this situation before. My husband and I have been married for one year and approximately 7 years ago he left me and never contacted me until a year later. I did not pursue him. I was working then (before my diseases and at that point assumed it was over. We eventually got back together and worked some issues out with therapy. This is 7 years ago. Now I am ill, disabled at 58 years old and had nowhere to go. I was very scared I will wind up on the streets. Recently I got again relapse and appeared in the hospital. I was stressed and depressed. I told my life story to the doctors and they arranged my documents to a nursing house. I have heard about this house very good reviews. Even I told already to people who live in the house and they encouraged me. I believe that my life will get a new colour. I need communication and understanding. I hope to find it.

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