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Language: English
Country: Lithuania
Typology: health care professionals
I had never dreamed of being a physical therapist. Until now, I am still wondering how I ended up in this profession. I was born in a small town of Raseiniai where were no choice for the studying. To be able to study, I went to Vilnius. Again, this was never hard for me because I have poor childhood and my parents had no enought money . Anybody reading this story may be thinking, what is the connection of my story with the profession I have right now? My advice for you, just keep on reading. Continuing, I only have my father to guide and support me in my life since my mom passed away a year ago. I admire him for all his hard work just to establish his family. The third member of our family is my sister which is two years younger than me. As a full-time farmer, my father works hard in our farm daily which results into tired muscles and aching bones at the end of the day. In order to take care of him and pamper him after his work, I and my sister never fail to give him a massage. He enjoys it very much and gives us all the praises we need to be able to give him our service. Being it a routine in my childhood days I realized that this type of profession is what interests me most. I'd wanted to learn more ways to help people recover from physical injuries. So, I put in twice the effort that I needed in order to finish my secondary school and to start early studying and graduating as Physical Therapists. It was never a struggle for me finishing this degree because I enjoy it very much. After finishing and gathering a license in Physical Therapy, I decided to go back to my small town and fetch my father and sister to live with me in the city. They immediately agree with me though my sister needs to go there once in a while to take care of our farm. Even now, I am still excited on what I am experiencing in my everyday life simply because I know I have helped a lot of patients along my way, I am still practicing and learning through my enrolled short courses and seminars and most of all now that my father has retired from being a full-time farmer, I have all the chance to give him all the pampering he needs and make him experience the fruit that he once plowed, sowed and reap.

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