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My desire to help others both globally and locally.

Language: English
Country: Lithuania
Typology: health care professionals
I decided to be a social worker when I was in my teens because I felt that I could be more effective as a social worker than as an elementary school teacher. I realized that as a teacher I would worry too much about the children once they got home and knew I could do more to help the child in their home-life as a social worker. I was influenced by several individuals and events. A court-appointed social worker in a “supportive” role protected me during a difficult time and I was truly touched.Chronical disesases and life stories of patients impacted my desire to help others both globally and locally and truly determined my role as a social worker focusing on disaster relief. Events like MS day and AIDS Day impacted my immediate surroundings and drew me even closer to the real work of social workers. I can’t pinpoint an exact person or event that sealed the deal for me because I have come in contact with so many wonderful people and difficult circumstances that all eventually led me to where I am today. One of the most amazing things about social work is the versatility of our degree and licensure. We can do so much and in so many different settings and that keeps me hopeful. I’m very pleased to officially be a social worker and continue to strive towards my ever-expanding dreams.

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