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Not only my OT but my friend

Language: English
Country: Lithuania
Typology: patients and relatives
My name is Albinas , I live in Vilnius, I started seeking help about 5 or six years ago. I was diagnosed everything from irritable bowl syndrom to a simple you're crazy there is nothing wrong with you. I gave up for about 2 years and then in 2011 I noticed foot droop - that was new and the unrelentless fatigue. My family didn't understand, my job didn't understand. I didn't understand. I switched and for the first time felt a ray of hope. I was eventually diagnosed by paraparesis, and from here it's been hell! I am about to losse my job of 8 years, my wife offers no support and is a great source of stress for me. I have 2 older boys who are only around when they need something, and then there's the 9 year old daughter, who just doesn't understand what has happened to her father. I am so sad and lonley. I just feel like giving up. I wish I had never found out what was wrong with me. I tried medicines but that landed me in a mental hospital ( really shouldn't take that if you already suffer depression) Now I am taking medicine and I'm not sure if it's helping or not. I live in constant, unrelenting pain. The only time I am not in pain is if i take a series of pills to make me sleep. Often I just hope I don't wake up. When I try to inject humor people seem to think that I'm all better. I am so tired of explaining why (I look so good today, or you don't look sick, an newest medicine the best one is that happenes to me too! I haven't found a support group in Vilnius for paraparesis but I would really like to talk to people that really do understand. I'm holding on by a thread of hope. Last year I tried to work with occupational therapist. My Jurga has been the biggest help to me since I was diagnosed.She truly became not only my OT but my friend.Thanks to her,I have much less frustration in my life because she showed me shortcuts and ways of doing things that makes life so much easier for me.She is so great at her job that she was able to see issues I was not even aware of and helped me to head them off before they became a problem.

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