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Horrific abuse but ... sometimes it's easier together.

Language: English
Country: Lithuania
Typology: patients and relatives
When my mother would be admitted to the hospital I would always stay with her to help her and care for her in any way that I could. Know one ever stayed with me, my brother and aunts would come for visits and would bring me changes of clothes,etc. On this last hospitalization one of my aunts decided she was going to stay with me in Kaunas. I was grateful but told her she did not have to, but she insisted. That night I was extremely exhausted for some reason, I absolutely could not keep my eyes opened it was as if I had weights on them pulling them closed. My mother woke me up several times wanting to talk but I could not stay awake. I tried so hard but I just couldn't. A friend of mine stated that this time was my mothers time with the Ona. The Ona knew if I was awake she would focus on me and would want to talk with me. Around 5:00 am I was helping her change the depends undergarment and chux on the bed, after she laid back down she spoke only for a few moments than had a grand-mal seizure. By the time the nurses arrived the seizure was over. After the seizure I called my brother and told him something was wrong and he needed to return to the hospital as soon as possible.1. Her oncologist told him I had a medical background and understand exactly what he was saying. After a discussion with the intern and her oncologist I made the decision to make her a DNR. My brother and myself had decided previously if the decision ever came to us to make that she had suffered enough. Even if they coded her and she came back she would continue to suffer with agonizing pain from the cancer with no hope of being cured except by a miracle of God. They were finally able to stabilize her. Her oncologist told me she would never wake up, she was in sort of a coma state and would be that way until she passed away. It was only a matter of time but he did not know how long. I remember after three days she woke up and spoke to me she knew where she was, she knew who I was and all the family that was there. When her physician came in I told him she woke up and talked to us I was so excited she was getting better. What I didn't realize or think about is the thing we always see in our hospital (they always get some better before the die). I wasn't ready to hear that I thought she was going to pull through and I would be taking her home to continue to care for

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