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Families joy weekends

Language: English
Country: Lithuania
Typology: patients and relatives
My name is Rasute.I am 34 and found out a 4 years ago that I have MS. I woke up one morning and the whole left side of my body was very weak. I could hardly control my leg enough to walk. After a week of it not getting better I went to the emergency room. I was admitted and needless to say diagnosed with MS. My aunt died from MS. I watched her slowly lose the ability to move any part of her body. I always was terrified of MS. I thought if there was one illness I hope I never get, its MS. And now I get it. I'm in school to be a personal fitness trainer. My life revolves around being strong and physically capable. It is weird to feel weak and helpless. I don't know what to expect with this illness. It's all pretty scary.I am happy , I have my mother.She became my care giver.She helps me emotionally and in every day life.Sometimes I am very angry and fell into depression,but my mom understands my mood. Additionally too we speak a lot about our family,about summer which will come soon and we will go to our summer house in a village.There we will read books together,we will swim in the lake which is close to our house and it is possible to enter to the water with wheellchair.In summer we used to buy chickens and rabbits.I have a lot of duties to take care of all these animals. My mom gets tired with me but we have no any assistance from the state institutions...just one explanation-you have your mom and that is all.They do not understand that my mom needs more knowledge and experience in health assistance at home.Moreover she still works as a finansist,but she is happy that she can work at home...just in night.I do not know about mistakes she is probably doing ..what qualification of work could be done at night, but her boss is too. It is additional money into our small family budget.

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