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Language: English
Country: Lithuania
Typology: patients and relatives
Dalius was diagnosed 11 years ago with MS. Of course the diagnoses came after losing our home, business filed bankruptcy and ultimately had to move into our familys home. While living with my parents my son was diagnosed at the age of 30. We went through the suggested "treatments" which were not helpful and ultimately stopped them. It progressed pretty fast and within the first year he was in a wheelchair and not able to walk or drive. I am his caregiver. It is hard to see him go through this..watching it and not be able to do anything to stop it or help,him. It has taken a huge toll on me and him. The first year I was so busy with calling doctors and making appointments and trying to get all the medical expenses taken care of and dealing with sis and disability..and thank God we were blessed to have that part taken care of. And now I think it has caught up with me...I am a wreck emotionally and mentally and struggle everyday. I don't know how to deal with this...I am sure he feels depressed but doesn't say anything..he just keeps it in because he sees how hard it is for me. I am not patient sometimes and become so frustrated..I think intake it out on him....indent know what to do. I am getting therapy but it really doesn't help my reality everyday. I'm a desperate for help on how to deal with this...I figure only someone who is living this can give me advice and truly understand . I pray to God that He will lead me to someone that can help me with this because I can not do iron my own.

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