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My journey into future education

Language: English
Country: Lithuania
Typology: health care professionals
Although my journey of becoming a physical Therapist took many a crooked road, I cannot express the joy of serving my patients and senior community in St Joseph hospital located in the small town of Panevezys. I grew up in Panevezys. I joined the army a few years after graduating high school in Vilnius and spent almost 11 years as a soldier in Soviet army. Latter I met and married my wife and soon after earned my Master's degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Vilnius. My interest in physical therapy stemmed from many an injury incurred during my service in the army. Nobody regretted soldiers and I saw how much we can help to each other. I am a Manual Therapist which means I perform joint manipulation and mobilization. During the initial evaluation, I take the time to really know my patients and understand their discomfort. I just completed my Doctorate (DPT) in Physical Therapy through Oslo (Norway) University and my Manual Therapy Certification from the University of Stockholm (Sweden) I have surrounded myself with the most talented and caring staff of Physical Therapists and practitioners that are professional, respectful and compassionate. My hobbies and activities include: As much basket-ball I can play, biking, fishing and running. A perfect weekend would include travelling with my family and doing a lot of other interesting things.

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