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Meeting with abusive relationship

Language: English
Country: Lithuania
Typology: health care professionals
There are a few reasons for the career choice I made to become a nurse. I had always wanted to be a teacher until high school. I had become pregnant in high school after being involved in an abusive relationship. I was a very bright student and a lot of family members had given up hope, basically deciding that my life was over. I knew that I would be a single parent, and I had to set an example for my child. I started looking into Nursing because I have always wanted to help people, and I am very compassionate. A year later, my friend was diagnosed with ZIV at 18 years old. We were devastated. As teens and the chance of becoming pregnant at a young age, however the reality that it could happen to us or anyone we knew was not instilled in us. It had not been reinforced by parents or teachers/counselors. People just didn't talk about it. I decided that I wanted to be that person to care for and educate young teenagers on these dangers. I did rotations in a family clinic and the young boys and girls that came there were scared to death. Sometimes we had to tell them that they had contracted a disease that they would have for life. This was hard, but I grew passionate in wanting to aid in prevention. My plan was to become a nurse, open my own clinic with medical aid as well as counseling, and travel to high schools to educate them on the risks of being sexually active. They need to know the impact it could haveontheirlives. It took me 8 years to become an BD, and I have been a nurse 10 years now. I have only fulfilled step one of my plan, but I am still working towards the goal I set.

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