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I never left nursing

Language: English
Country: Lithuania
Typology: health care professionals
Right now, I have absolutely no idea what my life would be if I never became a nurse. But I’m glad I took the decision and never regret for it. I was 23 when young woman-our neighbor- died and her son lost an opportunity to become aware warm-heartedness from his mother. I was there to witness this child’s pain and to give silent comfort. The young residents and busy nurses there just didn’t know what to do – or just froze – so I tapped into my fresh nursing intuition and fearlessness. It was like stepping out of my body in order to calmly hold the kid’s spirit within to keep it from leaving to a dark place. A moment like that can make or break a life. But that’s life – it sucks, but together we can do small things that make big differences. My heart breaks anytime I’m reminded that I too once held the stereotypes held against nurses. Nurses are still treated poorly .They have respect and people will praise them – but deep down, there’s a systemic prejudice against nurses. I left bedside nursing for several reasons. But I never left nursing. What I do now is to keep a vow to help this marvelous but misunderstood profession.

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