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The disease does not recognize holidays.

Language: English
Country: Lithuania
Typology: health care professionals
My job is individual and I assist with the physical, emotional and daily management needs of people who cannot take care of all these activities on their own. As I am working in the hospital I have to assist for the disabled people with a chronic pathology. There are several types of activities I am doing: “”hands on help””-typical intimate kinds of help like bathing, dressing or helping to use the bathroom. Another aspect of my daily job giving is emotional support. Often people are very socially isolated and have few other contacts besides the family members Recently I had acknowledged with my youngest patient Rita. She is 16 years old and newly diagnosed multiple scleroses. She did not want to talk with me about her thoughts and feelings. She was never emotionally connected to me; she was always seem irritated, constantly argue with me about meal and medicine. I understood that if this is a case, questions from the parents can be helpful in better understanding what she is thinking, as well as whether she has understood the explanation about MS. However I know from my practice that it is important not push too hard. I asked her father to speak with a daughter, typically they do not need long explanation and often respond and ask questions gradually. We discussed with parents about her character, life and emotions. I carefully studied her story and knew that she meets every news about disease very emotionally. But I was very surprised when next morning she told me””When mum and papa told that I not die from MS, I trust them, they are honest”” Moreover I understand that no more explanations she need. I just spend time with her speaking about everything… climate changes, weather and music stars that she likes and never about disease. Now I became her friend, but not the nurse. I realized that she does not want to feel sick .She trust the parents and believe in the future.

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