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Language: English
Country: Slovakia
Typology: patients and relatives
1.1 Description of the client by himself I was born in Bratislava but I grew up in Levice. I am 21 years old and I do not have any siblings. I went to kinder garden there and also to elementary school. Then they moved me to an institute in Kolárovo. I was there until my 18 birthday. For weekends my parent had been taking me from the social service care to home. When I was at home we went for trips because they were living in a block of flats. They reconstructed the whole flat because I was supposed to stay with them. I spent a few days with them but I was disobedient so they changed their minds and now I have to spend with them just the weekends. When I was there we all slept in one bed. I was disobedient also in Levice. Once I shattered the glass on a door or locked the governess in the laundry room. Then the emergency came and took me to a hospital. I stayed there for a while but then they released me because everything was alright. They put me to Kolárovo, but also there they did not know how to handle me. I was attacking governesses, I went to the stuff room and took a knife from there and then I wanted to attack a governess with it. Then they gave me an injection. I earned black points for my behavior. I wanted to be a gardener, I went to school but I was running away from it, so they had to search for me and catch me. I did not have lot of friends. I always had a roommate and I always got along with him, whoever it was. Now I had amended because my contact person Ondrej compliments me. They take me to various trips and events. I am not so bad anymore, I even started to go to school again. It is 3 years now that I am back in school again. In the afternoons I do my homework or involve in activities with other clients. I sing, ride a bicycle, draw or go to a gym. Sometimes I help the handyman. When I finish the school I would like to work as a gardener and work for living. I want to earn money so I could buy things I want. I do not like when other people fight or scold to each other. I am afraid when clients yell at each other. I like watching TV with one client who lets me so, because I do not have a TV. Apart from that I like going to the school and during weekends I listen to the music with other clients. When you meet me, speak slowly to me so I could understand you and give me enough time to express myself. Do not offer me citrus fruits please because I am allergic to it, but I like other fruits and sweets. 1.2 Experience of the client with the service Lately we went for a ping-pong tournament in Senec. As soon as we got there we greeted our friends who I met a year ago. I was happy to see them again. At first a girl gave us a few questions which were focused on disposing trash – where we were supposed to put it. Where should go glass and where paper. My answers were right. Then was the tournament and only the best could win. Wind was blowing. Everybody who participated in the tournament got a price. I won game “Ludo” because I like to play it with one other client. They prepared a great lunch for us – bean soup and sausages with bread and mustard. They prepared for us also a party. I met new girls. Their names were Katka and Klára. I asked them where they lived. There were also two Martins and a one Paľko who was talking to Mike. We returned to the social service home at night. Everybody was waving at us when we were leaving. I felt great that day. When I returned I shared a juice I got there with other clients. 2. Narration from the professionals point of view 2.1 Description of the client by professionals Roman is 21 years old. He went to a special school and nowadays he is a student of practical school. He lives in our Social Service Home for three years now. He was diagnosed moderate mental disability and fetal alcohol syndrome. His cognitive functions are appropriate. He reads slowly. When he writes he makes mistakes, forget letters or writes them in incorrect order. He can count to 20. He has difficulties with paying attention. His motoric skills are slow. Roman makes new relationships slowly. He is cautious. In the past he did not make new relationships and did not develop the old ones. Nowadays he is more sociable. He is interested in other clients. He can find a thing to do on his own. It is needed to guide him and explain individual situations to him. He is skilled in various manual activities. He likes to be complimented and encouraged. He is steady when he is motivated. His favorite activities are listening to the music, riding a bicycle, watching TV, help the handyman and going to school. 2.2 How did narrative medicine help us to work with the client and be in a better contact with him When we work with Roman we build on the relationship we founded together. We respect him and care about his experiences, his joys and worries he goes through every day. We ask him questions which helps him to talk and develop his verbal performance. We encourage Roman to express his emotions and not to hide them. We let him to describe various situations and train with him expressing of emotions. We search for various ways of expressing an emotion and talk about different situations. We encourage Roman to feel more comfortable in things he is good at and help him to build his confidence. We also encourage him to ask when he does not understand something. We teach him to evaluate various situations which happen to him and how he should behave, what is the most appropriate solution of a given situation.

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