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Language: English
Country: Slovakia
Typology: patients and relatives
1.1 Description of the client by himself My name is Jozef and I was born in Košice. I work in Ireland as an IT specialist. It is a great job but sometimes it is overwhelming, so I went for a journey. A big journey. It began at 26th of January 2013 by my flight to Kota Kinabalu. I climbed my first 4000 m high mountain, mountain Taman. I travelled through Labuan, Brunei, I was in a jungle and then I successfully finished course of diving in Singamat. I was in Kuching and Singapur. On 21st of March I successfully finished the Master of guru-chili Academy. Then I visited Goa-tu, Asian Silicon Valley. I needed to go to the doctor in Alambora because my stomach was hurting from all of these food specialties. When I travelled through India I had my visa to Nepal and I paid my two-week journey across the Annapurna. The night before leaving for track I fell asleep at a hotel. According to the police I was hurt during that night by falling from the 4th floor of the hotel on 19th of April. 1.2 Experience of the client with the Service. I was in a terrible pain. My parents immediately started to work on my transport to Slovakia. Even though I was insured, the insurance company refused to pay. It explained its decision by exclusion from transaction, because according to them I jumped out of the window. They refer to the document signed by Dr. Namrata Rawal, neuropsychiatric consultant at Vayodha Hospitals at Káthmandú. I did not even know that this doctor examined me. They gave me such strong painkillers that I barely knew there were people around me. Even now, I cannot recall everything. The doctor says that during my examination he found symptoms as imaginations about persecution, auditory hallucinations, suicidal tendencies, moodiness and outages of perception. It took a long time to solve it so I could come back to Slovakia. Now I am in a hospital where people finally speak Slovak. Doctors did not understand when they saw me. I had my right leg flailed and with multiple fractures, the left one was even in a worse state. In addiction I had fractures of vertebrae and many wounds. Six weeks after all this happened, everything started again: the doctors told me that the fracture on my leg did not heal properly and they have to break it again and that maybe I won’t be able to walk properly again. I do not know whether I can handle all of this. I believed that it all will end but it started all over again. I lay in the hospital, everybody is smiling at me, the nurses call me “the star” because a newspaper wrote about me. The sun is shining outside but I would rather die than let any doctor come to me again. I am desperate.

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