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Language: English
Country: Slovakia
Typology: patients and relatives
1.1 Description of a client by herself My name is Lea. I was born in Greece. My mother comes from Greece and she met my father when he was there for business. When I was 1 year old we moved to Slovakia but I still go back to Greece to my grandmother. My dad died 2 years ago in a car accident while I was sitting in the backseat. I am a math teacher at a special school and I live with my mother who never really got through father’s death. I always liked helping to others. I am a voluntary blood donor, I organize a Christmas bazaar on our street and we donate to the Good Angel (charity organization in Slovakia) from its beginning. I broke up with my boyfriend after we had been dating for 6 years just before our wedding. Sometimes I regret it even when I know I would have an easy life with him. I have never been admitted to a hospital except after the car accident. 1.2 Experience of the client with the service More than a year ago I was diagnosed gallstones. My ovarian cyst burst and in order to exclude other illnesses they did USG of my stomach. I did not understand how it is possible because I try to eat healthy and I cannot digest anything greasy. I never had gall-bladder pain. I found SILS method which means removal of the gall-bladder through one opening. According to the hospital it is a very easy operation without any complications. I went through many examinations before the operation according to my thyroid disease. Everything was alright. I spent the whole Monday in the hospital without any examinations. On Tuesday I was going to be operated. The first seconds after I woke up were terrible and painful. My first reaction was crying, I was very cold. I was super cooled and according to my mom my lips were completely blue. My stomach hurt when I moved so the doctors were giving painkillers through vein injections. On Wednesday I started to have gynecological spotting, supposedly it is totally normal. After 3 days of repeated complaints and unbearable pain they did RTG of my chest, USG of abdominal organs without removal of bandages from the bellybutton. There was not anything abnormal. At this time I should have been released from the hospital to go to home care. The doctors justified all my problems by the fact that is needed to give me a laxative even when I did not eat for 5 days. It was much worse then. In addition I complained about the smell of decaying from the wound but the nurse responded to me: “It just seems to you.” On Saturday I had terrible pain, I could not even walk, eat, move and breathe. After repeated complaints to my mom that we will call an emergency to the hospital they send me to CT and USG of stomach. I swear I was saying goodbye to my mom and to my boyfriend. Who did not went through this won’t understand it. I was just lying without a movement, my heart barely beat and I could not know what is in front of me. Of course, CT and USG were alright! Lately we found out that there is the difference between what the machine finds out and what the doctor writes down. I do not know how I survived until morning, maybe thanks to infusions, painkillers or maybe thanks to the approach of nurses and doctors? They considered me to be a simulator. I still complained about the terrible smell coming from the wound and I looked horrible. On Sunday they gave me strong antibiotics directly to the vein – they told me I have a urinal infection, but I did not have any problems with urinating. The doctor who operated me said that this is the cause of my problems. On Tuesday they got out a significant amount of the pus from the wound, I was almost unconscious from the pain. Until this time the pus could not get out of the wound because of the stitches. Now the doctor observed that this was the cause of my pain. He did not explain to me how it was possible that they got an infection into my wound. After this day the real terror started. I started to have colicky abdominal pain in the middle of the night. I went to gastroenterology. I complained during the morning visit but reaction of the doctors was really unpleasant. During the last few days they talked to me as if I was an idiot, even the head doctor asked me a few times whether I do not want to go home?! I answered that yes but only in the case that he writes to the discharge report that I still have abdominal pain, wound is painful and a liquid comes out of it. He refused so I underwent endoscopic examination. According to the doctors everything was again alright. I had three roommates who were shocked from the approach of the doctors. After getting the pus out and having antibiotics the pain subsided, but stomach cramps during nights complicated everything. One night I was in such a pain that I could not breathe so I called the nurse. Without saying a word he gave me some big white pill. The hospital did not allow me to look into my records which is against the law, they did not write down the proper medication they gave me, but they calmed down a bit after “threats” that we will complain at the office. The doctors treated me as a simulator. They claimed I was not in pain and that an infection is a normal complication. Nurses ignored me or yelled at me that my hands are alright even when they were totally blue and I could not move with them. They released me after 16 days. The problems did not stop, once again the pus was formed – they got it out without anesthesia, but still the pain was nothing compared to the pain I went through in the hospital. The staff did not take into consideration my complaints and did not try to do examinations needed to find out reasons of my pain. I have a panic fear from being hospitalized again.

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